How To Talk To Girls

Talking to girls comes easy to some guys, but some guys feel awkward. Talking to girls is the process where you don’t expect attention or results. Girls do not like guys to pressure them. It is intimidating and can make you seem rude and thoughtless. Your goal is to be kind, gentle and thoughtful. The most important thing is that you talk to a girl just like a normal person.

You first want to engage in small talk.  Ask her if she is in school or working. If she is in school, find out what courses she is taking and what her major is. If she is working, ask her what she does for work. Then you can kind of branch the conversation off from there. You can go into more detail about her major in school or her work or what she wants to be career wise. You don’t want to go from topic to topic like the conversation is jumping around. The conversation should easily flow. If the conversation seems to be jumping around from topic to topic, it may seem a bit awkward.

Try to find out more about her.  The first thing you want to do is try to get a feel of whether or not she has a boyfriend already. You certainly don’t want to be talking and laughing with her and have her boyfriend come up to hug her and he gives you the evil eye. If she does have a boyfriend, then maybe you two can still be friends. Don’t try to interfere if she is already taken because the results won’t be pretty.

Ask what her interests are and what she likes to do. Find out if she is in any school clubs such as the yearbook club or chemistry club. Ask her what she likes to do in her free time. Does she like photography? Does she spend her free time working on scrapbooks? Does she like to read? If there is something in there that you two have the same interest in such as photography, there is a whole new world that you two can explore together. If she likes photography, ask her what kind of camera she uses and find out what kind of pictures she likes to take.

It is important to make her laugh. But do not randomly just sputter off jokes. Girls usually feel more comfortable talking with a guy who has a sense of humor and who likes to make her laugh. You don’t want to come off as cheesy and try to make her laugh too hard. The best thing is to try and insert a joke into the conversation when it is necessary. Men who have a good humor are an attractive quality. However, that humor in extreme is a turn off.

Girls like to be complimented so why not try and complement about what she is wearing. Try not to make it sound corny because this will just scare her away. You want to be subtle yet honest. Say something like” Nice Jeans.”

It is important to make eye contact with her. You want to actually listen to her. So don’t look around while she’s talking to you. It is important to pay attention to what she has to say and ask questions based on the topic of conversation.

If you think that the moment is right, you might want to think about asking her for her phone number. There are ways to do this which won’t come off as cocky. You could say something like” I really enjoyed talking to you and I would love to talk to you again. Could I have your number?” Ask her if maybe you two could text each other. This way it starts off slow and if both of you are shy; this is a great way to take some time before you actually talk to each other on the phone. Understand that there are times where you will be rejected. The important thing is not to be discouraged because everyone gets rejected at one time or another. Don’t lose your cool and don’t start to act desperate. If you are rejected once you ask for her phone number the best thing to do is say” Okay, no problem, see you at class.” And then just leave without feeling embarrassed.

There are certain things that girls do not like and you need to understand what these are. But, at the same time there are also things that girls absolutely love. Let’s go over what they don’t like. First of all a girl does not like to be pressured and if she is not interested in you, then you just need to move on and do not pressure her. Girls like complements but they don’t like it when a guy over does it. Don’t ever tell a girl that she is hot. Believe it or not this is an absolute turnoff for girls. Most girls become uncomfortable when the guy says that they are hot or sexy. However, girls absolutely love it when you call them beautiful.

So, what girls love is they love to talk, they love to tell stories, they love to talk about themselves and they really like to talk about things in general. Girls like it when guys make things all about her so when you’re talking to her, let her talk about what she wants. It is important to frequently make eye contact with her. This is a sign to her that you are interested in what she has to say. Girls also like it when a guy is friendly. If you ask a girl out on a date and she says no but she still continues to talk to you, this is a sign that it’s too early for a date but she is still interested in talking to you.

Talking to a girls is not really as hard as you think. Just be yourself and things will go fine. Do not try and be something you’re not just to impress a girl. Try your best, make eye contact and always remember to smile.